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Blogger Hiatus and Fall Inspiration

I've been on somewhat of a sewing/blogger hiatus.  I've mentioned before that I work from home. My office is also my sewing studio. Sometimes this makes it very inspiring to work, as I can see all my sewing things to be inspired by. Other times I'm just tired of seeing it all. However, the biggest issue for me is summer, because this same office is on the sunny side of the house in the afternoon. And this summer, Texas had a particularly hot summer with no afternoon summer rain - which is very unusual in Houston! This meant I either had to sew in the wee morning hours, or late at night.  I did both, but in small quantities, and nothing made it on the blog. :( I'm not going to pretend that September is a fall feeling month here. We actually get very little, if any, fall weather, and it's not unusual to have the a/c on for Christmas Day. However, I am beyond tired of my very summer wardrobe since I made very few items to refresh it this summer, and I'm ready to se

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