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I've made a small change to my color palette inspiration, so I thought I would share: As you can see, the green is gone.  I love green, and I will certainly be wearing it this fall, but when I looked at what I have in my wardrobe and the fabric that I chose (above the color palette) it just wasn't working for me.  So here's the final color choices from left to right:  Rich Black, Ivory, Brown Sugar, Teal Blue, and Van Dyke Brown. It's time to talk patterns and fabric! So.  Apparently I've been collecting rib knits all summer. I have three from Girl Charlee, three from Walmart's value bundles, and two that have aging in my stash that I rediscovered. As I mentioned in my last post my goal is to use fabrics I already have.  The reason my color palette has "rich black" instead of "black" is I have a nice rib knit that is almost  black, but not quite. As a red head, I don't know that a true black is actually my friend, so this slightly off-bla

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