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StyleArc Clementine

 When I saw the Clementine Dress & Top from StyleArc, I bought it immediately.  The drop waist dress is something I would have worn in my younger years, so that is a pass for me.  But the top.  With the square neckline and the puff sleeve?  Oh yeah, that's me all the way! I was at Walmart recently (a rarity for me, it's not convenient for me to get to) and I keep seeing everyone on Instagram talk about all the fabulous deals they get on inexpensive knits for test garments. Well, I didn't get that lucky, but they had a pretty cotton that wasn't a quilting fabric for $4 a yard, so I decided to pick some up to try out this pattern. I'm a curvy girl and I wasn't sure where the darts were going to hit or if this straight cut was going to work for my body shape.  For a StyleArc pattern, I thought the minimal instructions were good.  I did make sure to stay stitch my neckline and finish all my seams, including the facing, but I suspect they expect you to know thos

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