Sunday, February 06, 2011

Up Next

I had this great idea that I would be sewing more methodically, planning pieces that coordinate.  And I did, with my last top, which is great.  Except I really want to sew something up for Valentine's day next week.  And I don't want gray, black, lavender, or white, lol.  I just ordered some red bamboo jersey from a guy on eBay.  I would LOVE to make a red dress for my husband to take me out in!

So here are my current choices:

McCall's 6163 

First of all, ignore the model.  Seriously, that photo does nothing for this dress!  So the two choices here are 3/4 length sleeves or the cap sleeves (because there's no way I'd ever wear that long sleeved and cuff combo!).  I "should" just do the cap sleeve.  I live in Houston, where it is HOT in the summer.  Summer apparently being anywhere between April and October.  I don't see red as being a fall color.  And while it was insanely cold here all week long, today was beautiful and there's a strong chance that spring is on it's way in.  Which means I won't want to wear the 3/4 length sleeves for much longer.  Except.  Well, I like them, lol.

My second choice is Vogue 8553:
This dress speaks to me!!!  It's fluttery.  It's twirly (or so say the reviewers on!)  It's feminine.  It just doesn't say work dress to me.  But really, that isn't so much an issue.  I can wear it for church and other social events.  And I love that it's rated Very Easy, because that means it should go together in a few nights of sewing while my husband is out with Boy Scouts.  And I tend to really like how Vogue patterns fit me.  I don't know if they're drafted for taller people, but I do tend to get a better fit.

But I bought the red fabric specifically for the other pattern, not the Vogue dress.  I love to wear red, and it's such a crisp, summery color to me.  I just don't need two red dresses though.  Decisions, decisions...(and I'm still strongly leaning towards the Vogue pattern!)

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bg-booms said...

It's really gret idea - to sew according to plan. I'l try do do it, but it is so difficult!
I'll observe to your success. Good luck!