Thursday, July 24, 2008


And so I continue to work on this shirt.

I should note, I put this away for a week, I became so frustrated with it. I felt like a beginner sewer who didn't know how to read a pattern or make a simple shirt! I haven't felt this frustrated since I made my daughter's first Easter dress 10 years ago (having never sewn for a baby before...).

So this morning I pulled out my pattern pieces to compare and see where I went wrong, trying to determine where I went wrong. When I came across this startling discovery! Do you see it? These pieces do NOT match up. Not even close. I carefully checked the reviews on and did not see any mention of this. I went back through the directions to see if I missed something. No, everything looks to be in order. Did I get the only pattern reject?! No clue.

Thankfully, I bought enough fabric to cut out the band on the bottom for views A&B. I believe this will savage my much wanted shirt. I could simply cut the back piece off, but I wanted to make a longer view (shirts are never quite long enough for tall people...). So I think the addition of the hem band is the best decision. Also, the shirt isn't sewn together on the side seems - well, hard to do when they won't match up - so I should be good to go!

Stay tuned...
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