Saturday, March 24, 2012


So I know it must seem like I've dropped off the face of the earth.  I haven't!!  What I have been doing is loosing weight.  12 lbs. to date.  My little brother is getting married in June, and I do not like how I look in photo's right now.  It's not a horrible weight, but it's also not a healthy weight, which is my goal.  But as a result of the small amount of weight I've lost so far, all my clothes are starting to become loose (I've weighed the same amount forever!)  Which means I need to start thinking about changing what is typically my pattern sizing. My goal is to drop a total of 40 lbs. by the end of the year.  That will drastically change anything I'm currently sewing, and as a result, I'm holding off.  I have a fabulous pencil skirt I am itching to sew, but since I've been doing fairly well at the weight loss, I would hate to waist the fabric!

I know many sewers share their weight loss journey, but honestly, I just have no desire to do so!  

I would like to sew the dress I plan to wear for the wedding, since I don't loose weight proportionately (I always hear that the bust shrinks - that has never been true for me, and has not been so far) and I want a well fitting dress.  My plan at this point is to use Vogue 8766.  I have some lovely black lace, and I'd love to put an aqua lining under it for view A, but maybe view B.  This is an evening wedding, and more formal, but I haven't found out what the mother of the groom (my mom) or the mother of the bride are wearing yet.  And I'm not sure what size to sew, so I'm waiting until Memorial Day.  Still a few weeks away, so I could easily loose another 10 lbs. and need a smaller size.  So I'm sure you understand my dilemma!!

Until the wedding and this additional 13 lbs. I'd like to loose, I just don't see the point in continually re-fitting patterns.  So my blog will be quiet for a bit longer.  But I already have plans for summer!!