Sunday, November 06, 2011


The Limited Cable Cowlneck Sweater Dress
I found this dress, which is even more like the pattern I posted earlier!  There are only a few differences, like the pleats.  The dress from The Limited has folds that go across the skirt, where as B5523 has inverted box pleats - which I already mentioned I love!  Also, I think the cowl is a little fuller on the inspiration dress as well.  I might see about making the cowl fuller if I make this again.

My SD card isn't cooperating.  I do have photo's of my finished dress.  Here are some photo's of B5523 from the web site:

As you can see, this pattern is almost identical (although I do like the other dress too).  On the line drawing, there is a pleat on the cap of the sleeve (which I may leave off next time).  Also, I don't think the inspiration dress has the tab on the back.  So far, mine doesn't either.  The interfacing I used doesn't seem to be heavy enough to keep it from being wavy, and I don't have enough fabric to make another one (which I'm not sure is my fault or the patterns fault, but I barely had enough to squeeze out the sleeves for this dress!!)

I also used a red knit for my dress.  It was in my stash from my July fabric purchase, but it didn't end of being the right texture for what I was planning to use it for.  When I saw this dress, I knew it would be a good combination.  Ironically, the dress on the pattern is red too.  I was going to hold off on wearing it to work tomorrow, until I had the buttons for the tab, but since I'm no longer sure I'll be adding the tab, I might just wear it anyway!  This will make a great addition to my winter dresses, which I'm sadly lacking.  21 dresses, only 2 of them are winter dresses.  Go figure.
B5523 line drawing

I'll post photo's of my actual dress as soon as my SD card decides to stop holding them hostage...


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see your dress! I left the tab off of my version of this pattern, and I do not miss it. Love that inspiration dress!

Anonymous said...

Goody!! I was debating about the same dress. I love the way it looks I'm just worried that it might not suit my figure....I'm going to make it! Thanks for the inspiration!