Friday, October 28, 2011

Sewing Interupted

I'm actually getting ready to post another project that's ready to complete (yeah!) but I got sidetracked surfing the internet I came across this web site and saw this dress from White House Black Market.  Love it!

Now I can't make this exact dress because it's not a style that I find flattering to me.  However!  This reminded me that I have Butterick 5523 in my stash.  This is more flattering to my body shape (clearly the model hasn't had four kids!) but still reminds me of this dress.  I do think I'll look through my patterns and find a 3/4 length sleeve, which I prefer to a long sleeve.

I had bought some red fabric a few months back, that was supposed to be for a different project.  When I got it though, it was to thick.  That's not really a complaint because sometimes knits are too thin.  It just won't be used for what I originally intended it for.
What will be very flattering for me, are those box pleats.  There are two, and then a single pleat on each side (I've been studying the pattern directions to see if there are any changes I would want to make - nope!)

So first thing Saturday morning, I'll get this cut.  With any luck, it will be done in time to wear for church on Sunday morning!

Now to get back to the Vogue t-shirt I was working on.  The edge has gone wavy and I'm not sure if it can be steamed back into shape.  It's a fabric issue (one of those thin knits one must be weary of) and not a pattern issue, so I'm not sure I want to deal with it, but all it needs is the sleeves and bottom hem done, so we shall see.

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