Friday, October 28, 2011

McCalls 2260

This is McCalls 2260.  I made this as another layering piece for the office.  I've recently changed jobs, and my new office is like the frozen north year round.  While this vest isn't really a warming piece per say, sometimes several extra layers go a long way.  Plus, when I get outside to the real weather, I need to quickly shed layers (it's Houston, as a rule, we don't have real cold weather here!).

This was a very easy piece to make.  This is from some of the last fabric purchasing I bought at back in July.  I actually used it for what it was intended for!!  I did leave off the pockets and the buttons.  I won't use the pockets nor will I ever button this up.  So it just seemed like a waist of time to add them.  I love this stretch twill.  I think the only thing I would change next time is to raise the armsycle up.  It's almost to baggy.  Almost.  Definitely not something that will prevent me from wearing it.


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