Monday, August 09, 2010

Simplicity 2882

I started working on Simplicity 2882 this weekend.  I was lured in by the "casual" option.  Except I guess crepe fabric isn't the most casual fabric choice.  I had white crepe in my stash from another project I was supposed to do (nope, no clue what it was, I think I bought the fabric when it was on sale with a pattern I picked up the same day...maybe...) and I just needed to sew.  Yes, my tunic shirt is cut out, but I'm still working on the muslin and I seem to need to have two projects going at once.

S2882 is fairly simple.  What is taking the most time is the lining of the bodice.  My lining material is very slippery and it's not matching up well at the notches.  Since I had no problems with the fashion fabric, I know it's the lining I chose.  I really think I'm going to start ordering silk lining material because the polyester stuff isn't going to breathe and I'm concerned it will make me sweat in places that I don't want in this hot and humid weather we're having right now.

So the bodice is mostly done.  I ended up adding black piping as a detail because the all white dress looked like I should be going to my second wedding - a problem since I'm still happily married after the first wedding!  I picked up some black top stitching thread at Hancock Fabrics on Saturday that I think will add some nice detail and coordinate well with the black piping.  And if not, there's always frog stitching .

My camera has died and I've been trying to take photo's via my cell phone.  So far, the quality is terrible, so I may break down this week and buy the camera I've been ogling for weeks now.  If not, I may steal my DH's cell phone take some pictures because he has a higher resolution on his. 

More to come...