Monday, July 19, 2010

Simplicity 3877

I get to stay home from work today, so I thought I would make it a productive day.  Nothing says productive to me like sewing!  Today I'm going to make a muslin of 2365 and if all goes well, pick some fabric from stash to sew one up.

I've become a convert on muslins lately.  Being able to tweak fitting issues before I cut into my fabric has helped me to have many more wearable items.  Which temps me into buying more expensive fabrics than I would have in the past!

I believe I have a batiste I bought last year from floating around somewhere in a bin.  My office/sewing area is painfully slow in coming along but the paint is finally up and I have some storage.  I "should" really do some cleaning and organizing, but what I should do and what I want to do don't mesh today, and the sewing has won out!

It's hot and steamy here in Houston today, so this shirt is a good choice.  I can wear it to work and have something casual, and I really like the dress option, since that's my preferred work attire.  All of the options on this particular pattern appeal to me, and that's unusual.  I really want to get a good fit since I can see this pattern taking me into multiple seasons (Houston doesn't really have a cold season for any of you who don't know, lol...)

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Mz.Choize said...

I like this one too, got it in my stash. I've never really done pintucks tho, can't wait to see yours! Yep, Houston weather iz crazy, lol.