Friday, December 19, 2008

Back on the Machine

So, I sort of took a 2 month break. Not intentionally. It's just with four kids, doing independent studies with one of them, and daily life, I got...busy. This time of the year is worse for me. I think I look forward to Christmas break more than my kids, because it means NO MORE school activities. Last week, we had music recitals every night of the week!!! One for each child. And scouts - all the kids are in scouts and thankfully, they all have scouts on the same night, so it cuts back a little on the running around. And break started early this year! On Wednesday, we have a fantastic snow storm. It snow steadily all day. From 6:45am (when I was taking them to the bus) until 10pm, when I went to bed, it snowed. So Thursday was a snow day, instead of what should have been their last day of school for the year. No complaints on my end though!!!

So today, I had to sit down and sew. My friend gave me her daughters jacket about two weeks ago, when the temps had just started to dip down into the 60's (yes, we stay warm much of the year). So of course, when it snowed, I didn't have it done yet. Thankfully, being snowed in as we were, coming over to get it wasn't an option. But tonight we're going to a Christmas party, and I promised to have the jacket for her. It was just a popped seam on a zipper, super easy to fix. But once the machine was out, I had to do more than just sew for 3 minutes, right?!

Do you remember this pattern:

I cut out view B quite awhile ago, with the intentions of having it for a winter dress. And then it sat in holding in my sewing closet, lol. Well, to get out the thread I needed to fix the jacket for my friend, I had to take out the bin that was holding this cut out dress. And so today, I am sewing it up.
I have to say though - this dress, while not difficult for the most part, is time consuming!! That panel in the front has SO many pieces. But I love the contrast fabric that I bought and I really want to wear this dress. Plus, I have a Christmas party to go to would be fun to wear this dress, even if it's not in Christmas colors...

So I'm hoping that I will have photo's to post later of the finished dress before I leave tonight. Which reminds me, I have eggnog to make for tonight - best get started!!!