Sunday, October 05, 2008

Little Black Dress

I read recently that October is LBD month. And amongst those of us who sew, it's been taken up as a challenge to create something that fits the bill. I don't always follow along with the sew-alongs (since often I have a need for something other than what's being sewn) but this is not an official sew-along, and after checking out my closet, I find that I am indeed in need of a winter LBD. My tried and true favorite is very spring to summer-ish, with flutter sleeves and a deep V neck line.

So I'm going through my pattern preferences for the LBD. It must be a knit. In all fairness, I have a ton of dress patterns in knits right now and I also have a lovely 3 yard piece of black knit fabric. Voila.

I have four choices that I feel would best suit my fabric:

The first is Vogue 8471. I've had this pattern in my stash since early summer. I had originally wanted to do view A with the puff sleeves. For a LBD, I think version B would be a better choice. However, I have some minor concerns about how the waist line would look on me. My stomach is not the most slender, and I have a deep fear that this may end up making me look pregnant. And I'm really tired of being asked when my next child is due. And while I've been loosing weight gradually over the past few weeks, I don't want to make a LBD that's just going to end up hanging in my closet. I could go buy a pair of spanks, but I'd like to skip that too. But this is option 1.

Vogue 8379 is my second choice. This pattern has gotten rave reviews on I like it because it can be dressed up or down, definitely qualifying it for a LBD. The wrap front tends to be very figure flattering, a definite plus. It will take all 3 yards of my black fabric (I was hoping to get a winter top out of a yard or so for practical purposes). I really like the vented sleeve on the long sleeve version, which is what I would be making. I already have some nice jewelry to go with this dress, and I saw a killer pair of shoes at the mall the other day that would finish the outfit. So this is option 2.

Butterick 5242 may be the most figure flattering on my body style. The pleats in the front can be SO forgiving to my "I've had four babies via c-section" body. It also takes only 2 1/4 yards of fabric, so I'd have a little left over for my simple top. One draw back though, would be the long sleeved version. I don't like the puffy looking sleeves or the banded sleeve band. I'm wondering if I could take the vogue 8379 sleeve and use it instead. I'll need to cut the sleeves out and compare the two, and if they work, that's definitely the route I'll go. Again, I really love the short sleeved version, but since I'm looking for a winter LBD, it needs to be long sleeved.

Simplicity 2883 is option 4...and perhaps my least favorite. I don't like either of the two real photos. Instead, I bought it based on the line drawings that include another bodice and sleeve option. Again, I'm not sure that the gathered skirt attached to the bodice is going to be the most figure flattering option for me. Also, I have yet to try a Project Runway pattern, so I'm not sure how the fit differs (if any) from other Simplicity patterns. I'm also concerned that my bodice option is simply a little too casual to really work for a LBD. Those thoughts aside, I do like the overall look of the dress, so it's option 4.

So, I think I'm really leaning towards V8379, but if I can change the sleeves on B5242, that would work well too. Which option will I choose? Check back soon to find out!

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