Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Fall Dreams

So the other day, I posted some new fall patterns that I picked up at the sale at Joann's. Yesterday I was zoning out in front of the computer, and I came across this jacket on JJill. Hmm. This jacket reminds me so much of M5060 (oop). In particular, I want the yellow jacket, view C. Except, I wouldn't be caught dead in yellow! Horrible color on me. Instead, I have a lovely dark olive fabric that I plan to use. I did do a muslin and found this pattern to be a bit snug for my bust, so I'm going to have to experiment with a FBA on a princess seem, but I'm thinking that can't be as hard as it sounds, right? The thing is, I'm tall, and I know that this is a look I will be able to wear well. I may make a few design changes - such as not lining it. I'm not a big fan of lined jackets unless they're suit style jackets. I want to be able to layer this over my fall knit tops, which tend to be light weight despite the long sleeves (we are still quite warm here all the way through the end of October, but the nights start getting chill and layering is a good thing!).

Another top that I fell in love with while window surfing (is that an actual term? it should be!) is this one. I love the details on this shirt. Now in all truthfulness, I'm not sure I would ever actually wear this style. I like the high neck. I like the 'Victorian' feel. I love all the details. I'm just not sure this is actually "me". I also think this much detail would take me FOREVER to actually get sewn, and I'm concerned that I might get tired of looking at it far before it's close to being done. It's funny though, because the color is exactly what I was looking for when I was thinking about my dreams of a Fall SWAP. Except, I think this the first thing I've thought about sewing that is actually in the color pallet I chose. Hmm, what does that say about me?! Ha ha, might be better not to go there.

I did hit a big sale at Lane Bryant this past weekend. One thing I do NOT sew for myself, my family, or anyone else, is jeans. I hate all that top stitching and the rivets (that I think really need to be added to keep them from looking homemade). Also, with my body shape, I have a really hard time getting a well fitting pair to start with. I know I'm not alone in this issue, but I'm just not willing to spend the time to get a well fitting muslin for something I never want to make in the first place. I get the right fit jeans from LB and they are about as close to perfect that I could reasonably ask for (and my DH says they make my butt look amazing - what woman is going to turn down a compliment from her spouse like that?!). So my girlfriend and I were having a great shopping trip, and I came across these. Now I know very well not every woman can wear these. I get that. But see that wide yoked band? That is the most incredibly flattering waist line on "me" that I have every worn. Technically speaking, every single bottom I wear should have that style of yoke. It literally drops 20 lbs. off of me! I love the long wide legs too. Seriously, I feel so tall and slim in these jeans!! They had a darling swing denim jacket that matched...except it looked like I was wearing a tent. :( I'm not sure if it was "that" jacket. I'm hoping not because I really love the swing coat look. But I really think the M5060 coat could look great with these too. Now if I could find a pants pattern with this style, I would sew myself pants until doomsday! Hmm, guess I should really go on a pattern hunt for these...

Does this remind you of this? No, not an exact copy - which is good, because that long, clingy tunic style I'm thinking would not be terribly flattering on me. But I like the neckline, and it's one I'm seeing repeated in a lot of fashion magazine for the fall. In case you haven't guessed, I'm a definite fan of soft, feminine looking tops! I think M5780 has a lot of soft detailing that is flattering on a variety of women. I think I particularly like that it calls for fabrics like charmuse and challis. Oh so soft wovens to go with the oh so soft look!
Well, I have more to post, but I also have kids to take care of and errands to run to today, so I'm going to run for now. Hopefully today will lead to more sewing as well!!!

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