Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sewing Hiatus

So I had good intentions of making the burda shirt/jacket. And I still may, since I have the fabric. But not any time this summer!!

Life interrupted me as I was sitting down to sew again. My DH had to work out of town for 4 1/2 months. Somehow, sewing time for "me" fell to the bottom of the list! However, I was in the middle of McCalls 5337

when I last left off, and I things were going well! My inspiration started with a piece of fabric I found on eBay. It was SO pretty and springy, it spoke to me on my computer monitor (I am terribly sorry if fabric doesn't speak to you, but all of my sewing friends will attest that this is a perfectly normal scenario...) I was about half way through the shirt, when I had to put away my sewing stuff for what I thought was a brief time. 3 months later and one move, I'm finally sitting down to finish it.

Did you ever work on a project that just didn't seem to want to be? Yes, that would be THIS shirt, sigh.

So I pull out the trim and start to attach it to the sleeve. Odd, it doesn't look like I have enough to put on the bottom of the shirt. So I measure. Why on earth would I not buy enough trim?! Of course, I have no clue now. Fine, no trim, I can deal with that. Let attach the sleeve to the shirt. Oh...wait...what's this? I sewed the facings to the wrong side of the fabric? NO! It can't be, why would I do something like that?! OK, so it is that way, but I certainly don't remember doing that...and so I frog stitch. Finally, things are back on the way they should be. But wait. Where are the markings for the shirt sleeve? I know I transferred all the markings...except for these apparently...ugh!

That was an entire day. I have no idea where my head was when I was working on that shirt in February, but it clearly wasn't attached to my head! Fortunately for me, I love this fabric so much, I'm willing to go back and make the appropriate changes. I even have enough fabric left over, that I'd like to make a coordinating handbag, and line it with this fabric...but we shall see, lol, that might be pushing it. With any luck, the shirt will be done *today* and I won't be waisting another 2 days...

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