Sunday, January 06, 2008

Burda 412

Alright, this isn't exactly your typical winter day outfit. But in the interest of stash reduction, I have to make this!
I have a beautiful black and silver lace burnout style fabric, that I think this will look lovely in. Add to the fact that I must have 50 black camisoles and undershirts (OK, no, not really about 5 though?) and this would make a lovely over shirt without adding bulk.
I also have nothing like this in my wardrobe, so it will be a nice addition.

Burda WOF - 413

To start with, this neckline on this looks huge on the hanger. It's much more flattering in person.

The description on the pattern is as follows:

This dress, in the trendy wrapover look, fits so beautifully due to a perfect pattern design that includes bust and back waist darts. Both front pieces are cleverly caught in the side seams so that nothing can slip out of place.

OK. I agree 100% that the front pieces are securely caught in the side seams. I really liked this feature, and I think it's a large part of why the front doesn't 'slip'. There's also not a lot of excess bulk fabric - something any woman can appreciate!

That being said, the collar shown on the line drawings was horrific when it came to actual application. I looked at it. Looked at it again. Looked a third time. Why a collar stand on a knit dress? OK, it's a double knit, it's very stable. Still...

So then I noticed that this is also a shirt pattern. Without the collar!! So I opted to make this dress like the directions for the shirt...just with a nice calf length skirt attached, lol.

I did my first FBA for this pattern, and it worked REALLY well. I've been struggling with the bust on most things since I had kids and gained a bust. I highly recommend Fast Fit Pattern Alterations, by Sandra Betzina to help with the FBA.

Now, that being said, I wish I had read a little more on her flat pattern fitting for measurement. I got so excited on the well fitting bust, lol, I did not adjust for tummy control, lol. This dress will look fantastic on me - when I loose about 10 lbs., lol. Still, I really like the dress, and I won't hesitate to make it again.
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Ottobre Pajamas....again

What can I say, these are my favorite pj's to make for my kids. Sometimes when you have a TNT pattern, and it's something you make consistantly, it's just easier to make the same thing year after year. After all, it's pajamas!

I bought this flannel several years ago, when my sons were 2 and 4. They're now 6 and 8. Oops. Still, my intentions were to make pj's for them. Recently, we've been on a growing spurt and new pajama's have been a much needed item. I figured that I would only have enough flannel to make sleep pants, and that I could make the a knit sleep shirt to coordinate. I was pleasantly surprised to find I had enough of both fabrics to make coordinating sleep shirts (just barely on the "tool time" fabric)!

So this is 4 yards of fabric out of my stash. With any luck, my kids won't outgrow this set, and we'll make it through the spring!

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Sewing Resolutions 2008

Hmm, I didn't get much sewing done last year. I don't know, it just seemed that I didn't make the time to sit down and sew. So, here's some sewing resolutions:

  1. I will sew up more stash this year than I will take in new fabric - it is not OK to have the leaning towers of fabric in my bedroom!!
  2. I will get over my dislike of sewing pants and learn to fit a good pants pattern for me
  3. I will make each child at least one shirt a season - no sewing for just my daughter
  4. I will work on getting better learning my Pattern Master software - since I plan on buying the upgrade in a few days, it makes more sense to learn how to use it than to just let it sit on my computer.
  5. I will dedicate 4 hours a month to sewing for "me".
  6. I won't hate myself if I can't complete these resolutions in a year!!

Now in all fairness, I've alread started the year off well. I've used six yards of stash fabric. Flannel that has been in my stash for almost 5 years. I don't know why I let it sit there that year. It's not like my kids don't need pj's. It's not like I don't have a PJ pattern that I love (look through the archives to see the PJ's I've sewn before - I'm using the same pattern, I love it!). I seriously have more fabric that I know what to do with right now, and it's incredibly overwhelming. I really want to get it sewn and out, so I don't feel guilty when I buy more. Because let's be honest, lol, I'm not going to stop buying fabric!!

Happy New Years!!