Friday, July 13, 2007

KS 3066

First of all, it hasn't really been a year since I last sewed. I did some small things in the fall of '06, and then this spring, a hold set of poodle skirts for a father/daughter dance for my girl scout troop. That aside, no, I haven't sewn much this year.

So today I sat down to sew this pattern. I read the reviews on and was pretty confident i knew what changes I needed to make. Except, they didn't quite work for me. Here's a photo of my finished muslin. First of all, it's too snug in the hips. I'm going to add an inch to each side, and I think it will fit much nicer.

Standing up, I like this shirt. The empire waistline hits where I think it should, there's no gaping in the armcycle. Sitting down, however, it's a whole other shirt. And not one I am pleased with. Take a look at my sitting down issues:

Where did all those pockets of fabric come from?? It's almost as if I need a small size on the front bodice pieces. I'm not sure. I've emailed two of my fellow sewing experts to gauge their opinion, so we'll see what they have to say. I mean, I have to be able to sit down while I'm wearing this!!
Next I'm off to trace a sundress for my daughter. Then maybe another shirt in another pattern for me. We'll see. At least this is a starting point.

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