Thursday, July 20, 2006

Sewing Drought

In December, we got news that our house was going to be sold, and we would have to move. Great. Just what everyone wants to hear two weeks before Christmas. Is it any surprise that I ended up with a raging kidney infection that knocked me out (literally, I was in bed) for two weeks?? Then the stress of looking for a new place, packing, moving, and setting up.

So here it is, months later, and 2 Sew or Not 2 Sew is really the question.

I have managed to make valances for my kitchen (no small task, since I usually only sew curtains when I am pregnant - and I definately not pregnant, than you very much, as well as balloon shade for my daughters room. I have two projects still in the working stage (the last top posted, and a summer top) that I desperately would like to finish. We shall see, sigh.

Tomorrow, since one of my sons' is down with the flu, perhaps I will get some sewing time. I'd really like to finish that blouse I started last fall, for this fall, sigh...

Course, let's hope my new copy of Sims2 doesn't arrive before I finish!

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