Friday, November 04, 2005

Ottobre PJ's again

My son saw his sister's pajamas, and started begging for a pair. What's a mom to do? Luckily for him, lol, I had planned on making him some anyway. I have this really nice flannel that I got from a coop...umh....almost 3 years ago (ouch, I'm seeing a trend here in my posts....) with fire engines all over it. We had just taken a trip to the fire station with his school, about two weeks ago, so this was perfect.

I didn't read the directions at all for this pair, since I had already made his sister's. Since he's average for his size, I did include seam allowances. I made a 98cm (which is the equivalent to a 4T). The only change I made, was to put piping between the sleeve and the cuff, the pant leg and the cuff, and around the collar. The buttons are not as red as I would like, so I may head out to Walmart to look for a true red set, but otherwise, I think these turned out nice. He was happy too, and ran to put them under his pillow for bedtime tonight.

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