Tuesday, October 11, 2005

OK, this is what it looks like off me. I just realized I haven't done the hem yet, so that will be next. Posted by Picasa

A few things I changed. I fall between a LG and XL in the bust on almost all KS patterns. If it's a knit, I don't worry about it, since I know I'll have the stretch. But a woven can prove to be challenging. Since the seam allowance for this is 5/8, I decided to sew the princess seams and side seems at 3/8, and the collar, sleeves, and cuffs at 5/8. This worked really well for me since this fabric doesn't unravel. I am planning to make this jacket again in a denim I bought from a fabric co-op, and I'm hoping to get the same great fit.

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