Monday, October 24, 2005

Shirt Details

Ok, just had to post a few details on this shirt.

A School Outfit

My DD took on a real sudden growth spurt at the end of the summer. Consequently, all the clothes I had planned on having her transfer into when the weather cooled down are now too small (of course). Normally when this happens, her pants still fit, and I become a fiend sewing up tops. Well, surprise! She outgrew the tops AND the bottoms. And so my next sewing crisis began.

This shirt is another Ottobre pattern (I did mention earlier that I love these patterns) The photo doesn't show the beautiful curve on the facing, but it just makes this shirt. There are also elasticized gathers at the wrist. I used a collar stand for the first time, and that turned out well too.

The pants are a Simplicity pattern, and unfortunately, I have no idea which one. I made these last year, and even though I chose a size based on her measurements, it didn't even begin to fit. So I packed them away, and they are going to work nicely for this year. I didn't intend for them to coordinate with the shirt, it just sort of ended up that way. There is a 4 inch split at the bottom front of the pants, and I embroidered on the one panel. It looks OK, but next time, I will embroider more, and further up. This just ends up looking a little lonely.

Back To School Shirt

My oldest son has been watching me sew, probably from the time he was born. Periodically, I made things for him, but boy clothes are just not as fun as girl clothes!

Well, he started kindergarten this year, and asked when he could expect his "mommy shirt" to be ready. Oops! I'd been planning on just buying him something. This is Ottobre 2/2005, and he just loved it. I used a small blue, green, and yellow plaid. This pattern had a lot of nice details (pleated pockets, the epaulets, pockets) that he really liked.

Of course, now that it's getting cold, he's been asking when his next long sleeved "mommy shirt" will be hanging in his closet (no no, I haven't created monsters...) But I think, with costumes needed for Harvest Fest, I should be least for a little while!

Tiered Dress

Another Ottobre pattern. I think I could make my children's entire wardrobes from these pattern magazines, and never run out of ideas!

This fabric is lots of lavender buttons on a purple background. The buttons are sort of swirly, and it reminded me of a 50's pattern for some reason. I got the fabric on sale locally for a really good price, but when I got to the collar, it looked too 'homemade' (and I don't mean in a good way!) I decided to do the collar in the coordinating solid of the underskirt, and I think it worked really well. If the cuff's hadn't been done (and turned out perfect for once!!) I would have done them in the coordinating fabric too.

She loved this dress though, and wore it for picture day at school.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Ottobre pajamas

I noticed in the new Ottobre magazine, a pattern for pajama's for kids. I found this ironic, as I just finished a pair from an older issue.

First, I must say, I love these pajama's! I don't know if it's the pattern (which is really good) or the fabric I chose (surprisingly from Walmart) but everyone who's been over to my house while I've been constructing them has asked me to make them a pair, lol. I am debating making 'me' a matching pair. I think she would get a kick out of it, and I just love the fabric combinations!

Just in case you can't tell, the poka dot flannel is a pale pink, and the stripes on the pocket, collar, and cuff's are the same colors as the poka dots. I don't have the snaps on this *yet* because I didn't want to wake up my family. But I'll get that done tomorrow, so she can start wearing them (it's getting cold here)

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

City Dress

I have made this dress before. I liked it (well, I still do). However, I inevitably got one of two questions:
  1. Oh, your pregnant, congratulations!!!
  2. Oh, someone passed away, I'm so sorry.

So, while I thought the black knit (I think I would call it interlock - I bought it on eBay, so I'm not sure) would be basic and practical, I've decided to make another one in a different fabric. The new one is being made from a Burgundy slinky, with a salmon flower print stamped on it sporadically, a touch of mustard, and moss green stems and leaves. I have never sewn with slinky, and this fabric has sat in my stash for almost 3 years, so I might as well sew it up and move on, right?

I tried on the unhemmed version tonight, and because the slinky is heavier, it pulls it down, and I don't get that pregnant look. I was very pleased, but then again, I liked the last dress too. The thing I like best, is that this dress is SO comfy.

OK, this is what it looks like off me. I just realized I haven't done the hem yet, so that will be next. Posted by Picasa

A few things I changed. I fall between a LG and XL in the bust on almost all KS patterns. If it's a knit, I don't worry about it, since I know I'll have the stretch. But a woven can prove to be challenging. Since the seam allowance for this is 5/8, I decided to sew the princess seams and side seems at 3/8, and the collar, sleeves, and cuffs at 5/8. This worked really well for me since this fabric doesn't unravel. I am planning to make this jacket again in a denim I bought from a fabric co-op, and I'm hoping to get the same great fit.

I've been seeing all these GREAT jacket for the fall. I got to thinking about what patterns and stash I have in my vast collection, and this pattern came to mind. I have a really nice, dark chocolate moleskin fabric that I bought at Hancock's - hmm, probably four years ago. I thought it would be perfect for this jacket. I will be leaving off the belt, as they do not tend to be flattering on me. This KS pattern is OOP (why do they do that to all the good patterns?!)

Almost a finished product - I'm on the hunt for snaps (maybe buttons if I find the right ones) for this jacket. I have to say, I'm very pleased with this jacket. The fit is great, I love the fabric, and this longer style and princess seams is such a flattering look for my body type. Posted by Picasa

Monday, October 10, 2005

This is my sanity

With a busy family, it seems like life is constantly on the go. But whenever I can sit down in front of my machines, and get some sewing time in, I feel...human again! If you're reading this, and you love to sew too, I'm sure you understand.