Wednesday, December 21, 2011

McCall Spring Patterns

I have to admit, I'm not usually a fan of McCall Patterns.  Not for myself anyway.  I find them to be a bit too...young?  That sounds odd.  I'm not old!!  But a lot of their styles just doing suit me.  So when I got notification today of McCall's spring line, I didn't give it much thought.  But I had some free time this morning, so I decided to see if there was anything that my 13 yr. old daughter might like.  I was pleasantly surprised to find a couple that I will be picking up when they are finally released at Joann's (who never seems to have them as soon as they're out, so I won't even bother wasting my time between now and the new year...but I digress).  

This first one M6503 will be great for my brother's wedding next June.  It's a late afternoon wedding, but June is usually a mild month in Oregon, and I think this would work, even if I needed a cardigan towards the evening (the reception is along the Rogue River). I'm looking at view C, with ruffles.  I think it would be lovely in a aqua linen.  I'm not 100% sure I like the gathers on the skirt, but I think I could play with those to make some inverted box pleats.  The gathers usually have people asking when my next baby is due. :-/  I also really like view D, with the mandarin style collar!  I think that could be really cute for work.

I'm also partial to M6519.  Not so much for the pants, top or jacket (that top would not be flattering on my body type!).  Those are a snooze fest for me.  But I really like the dress and the skirt!  The dress would be great for work (and if I was so inclined to make the jacket, which I don't think I would, it could be a cute set) and I have several tops that I already own that I think would work well with the skirt.  I never have enough skirts or dresses.  Particularly in the summer, when it's ridiculously hot here in Houston.  And knit dresses in the summer are wonderful and forgiving in the heat and humidity (linen is comfortable, but wrinkles...ugh!)

Another surprise for me was the accessories.  I don't make a lot of accessories.  They tend to look...homemade (I don't mean purses, those I love!!).  But I really like M6523 .  I know my daughter would adore making some of these, and again, I think I could make something to coordinate nicely with the dress for my little brother's wedding.  Yes, I'm a ruffles and flower type of girl at heart, but it's not something I usually indulge in for fear of looking "sweet" (and that's not a good thing!!).  But I think I can get away with it for a wedding, lol...

 I also really like this wrap top from Palmer and Plestcher.  Now this is the type of top that is more figure flattering for me.  M6513 has this shirring or gathers across the top, that help hide my "I've had 4 c-sections" tummy.  That is always a bonus for me!!  I like that there is a short sleeved and long sleeved option, as well as the two sleeve options for the long sleeve.  And since it's a knit pattern, I bet I could even leave the sleeves off for a summer top.  This one is definitely going to find it's way into my pattern stash!