Friday, November 25, 2011

KS 3782

I was really on the fence about this pattern.  I love the sleeveless style, but sleeveless isn't allowed at work and most of the clothes I make for me are work clothes.  Casual clothes are easy to buy and not always as fun to make.  But I bought the pattern at Hancock's because I figured I might like to layer the sleeveless top under a cardigan or light jacket for spring or fall.  I was on my lunch break last week, and came across a blogger who had made this top and modified the sleeves.  It was SO pretty!!!  Here's a link because I wouldn't have made this top without seeing SewRuth.  The cuff's she added were what made me realize this pattern had more potential than just as a sleeveless blouse.  I absolutely love her version!!

Ultimately, I franken-patterned the sleeves from Simplicity 2403 - another dress on my to do list one of these days. I need to remember to measure the pattern bicep when making a cuffed sleeve like this one, but ultimately it does fit, I just don't have a lot of extra moving room. Thankfully, that's not really an issue for me.  If it had been the elbow, and one of the many reasons I'm not a fan of long sleeved shirts, it would have been a different story.  I've posted a photo of the original.  Very bell shaped!!  I don't know, I just don't see the bell shape as being flattering with this style.

Here you can see my modified sleeve.   I copied the sleeve cap for the KS pattern, so that I wouldn't have any fitting issues.  I've marked on my pattern that I need to add about 1/2 inch for fit next time.  Or tone up my arms.  Ugh.  The photo to the right gives you a better view of what the new pattern actually looks like.  This was actually a very easy modification.

Here's a peak at how the cuff looks.  The button matches much better in person, rather than being slightly more monochramatic on my monitor.  I had a green button that would have matched well too, but I wanted a little bit of contrast, so this one is perfect.  See my machine manual in the background?  It's been such a long time since I did a button hole, I sort of forgot how to do it!  How did that happen?

And here's the final product.  I really love this blouse, and I'm so happy that I decided to make it up!

Here's a quick look at the neckline too.  For me, it's very low cut - something I seem to be having an issue with lately on many patterns!  Thankfully, I own plenty of camisoles that work well for modesty!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

KS 2948

I found a brown, plaid, knit fabric in the clearance section at Joann's back in September, when I went in for some thread for a different project.  Actually, it was my day in the clearance section, because I scored several nice pieces of fabric for just a few dollars each.  This rarely happens for me, and I usually find that Joann's is overpriced and has poor selection compared to what I can get online.  But that's another post altogether.

There was only 1 yard of this fabric, and I knew that wouldn't be enough for me.  My daughter is tiny though, and while she still fits into children's patterns for height and width, but don't account for her blossoming figure and wanting to dress a little more age appropriate (which is a very fine line at 13...).  The KS patterns in an XS seem to fit her very well with no fit adjustments (so far!), so I bought this piece for her, hoping it would work.  It did!

One of my concerns with using a plaid fabric was getting it to match properly.  Ideally, I would have bought an extra yard.  Since that wasn't an option, I decided to make sure the front matches.  Having to lay it out funky to match the front was definitely a challenge with the limited fabric.  One thing I didn't think about was the band that attaches to the front.  I have to admit, I just got lucky that it happened to match up.  I realized while I was cutting it out that it may be an issue, but there wasn't any other section I could use that it would have fit.  I was careful about lining up the fabric when I laid it out for cutting, which is probably the only reason it happened to match up well.

I did leave the sleeves a little longer, but this was after hemming the 1.5 inches already.  I thought about going back and adjusting them, but this will give her some growing room (yep, that's my story!).  I think the smile on her face shows how pleased she is with this cardigan. :)  And of course, she won't be wearing it over a purple least I hope not, but she's definitely got her own sense of style, and one never really knows.  I've decided as long as she's dressed modestly, if she wants to mix patterns and colors, I'm going to bit my tongue...sometimes you just have to know when to pick your battles!

Monday, November 07, 2011

B5523 Finished

I managed to get these two photo's to load finally!  On the hanger doesn't really give the dress justice, so you can also took one in my closet sewing room!  This is a very easy dress to put together, and I think very figure flattering on.  I did hem the sleeves, but I was afraid the skirt hem would become wavy, so I left it alone.  This also gave me a little added length.  I'm tall, so that's never a bad thing for me.

As you may remember from my last post, this is a red knit with a raised pattern, that I got from back in July.  My original intention was to make a twin set.  When I got the fabric in, I realized this may not be the right fabric for that. I think it works well for the dress.

The only thing I may do differently when I make this again, is to make the sleeves truly 3/4 in length.  I find that's the sleeve length I like best while I'm at work.  The empire seam line hit just below my bust like it should.  I was tempted to add an additional inch, since that's a normal fitting alteration on me (I'm high busted), but when I measured it on the tissue, it appeared it would work fine.  I worry about things like that because I find a lot of RTW that cuts right across the center of my bust, and I see women wear it like that!  A pet peeve of mine apparently.  I think even with my arm raised as I take the photo, you can tell there are no issues for me here.  I'm very pleased with this dress!

Sunday, November 06, 2011


The Limited Cable Cowlneck Sweater Dress
I found this dress, which is even more like the pattern I posted earlier!  There are only a few differences, like the pleats.  The dress from The Limited has folds that go across the skirt, where as B5523 has inverted box pleats - which I already mentioned I love!  Also, I think the cowl is a little fuller on the inspiration dress as well.  I might see about making the cowl fuller if I make this again.

My SD card isn't cooperating.  I do have photo's of my finished dress.  Here are some photo's of B5523 from the web site:

As you can see, this pattern is almost identical (although I do like the other dress too).  On the line drawing, there is a pleat on the cap of the sleeve (which I may leave off next time).  Also, I don't think the inspiration dress has the tab on the back.  So far, mine doesn't either.  The interfacing I used doesn't seem to be heavy enough to keep it from being wavy, and I don't have enough fabric to make another one (which I'm not sure is my fault or the patterns fault, but I barely had enough to squeeze out the sleeves for this dress!!)

I also used a red knit for my dress.  It was in my stash from my July fabric purchase, but it didn't end of being the right texture for what I was planning to use it for.  When I saw this dress, I knew it would be a good combination.  Ironically, the dress on the pattern is red too.  I was going to hold off on wearing it to work tomorrow, until I had the buttons for the tab, but since I'm no longer sure I'll be adding the tab, I might just wear it anyway!  This will make a great addition to my winter dresses, which I'm sadly lacking.  21 dresses, only 2 of them are winter dresses.  Go figure.
B5523 line drawing

I'll post photo's of my actual dress as soon as my SD card decides to stop holding them hostage...