Monday, September 05, 2011

Re-Thinking Realities

OK.  First a small rant.

Back in July, when I was thinking wardrobe realities, I put in a rather large order from one of my favorite fabric web sites,  I had a coupon, there was a sale, and I paid promptly.  About 2 days later, I got an email letting me know some of my fabric choices had sold out.  OK, it happens.  I was mildly disappointed, but after looking around their web site, I found some suitable substitutes, and emailed my alternatives.  My order arrived in a time fashion, as always.  Except.  They charged my card again for the second selection - even though I was working with a credit for the fabrics that had sold out.  They sent one selection as two separate cuts.  I don't think it will be an issue, since it's for a t-shirt top, but I would have preferred one cut.  And it took them 2 weeks to credit my card back for the double charge.  Please don't tell me it was my bank, because I know it wasn't.  Thankfully, this is the first problem order I've ever had with them (and I've been ordering for years!!) so I I guess everyone is entitled to an off day.

Second quandary.  Patterns.  I have some missing from the move.  I "know" they're here.  But clearly I had a stack of them for this wardrobe, and half of them are missing.  I have some other's I can use, and one or two I've changed my mind on.  But others I'm stuck on.  Of course, patterns aren't the only thing missing.  Half my life is boxed in the garage, lol.  And I've been busy decorating which you can see here.  And updating my cooking blog The Copper Skillet with a few new things.  Plus working full time and taking care of a family.  So, really, no clue as to how I could have misplaced a whole stack of patterns, really...

So the good news.  The simplicity skirt is good to go.  I bought the pattern last time they were on sale at Joann's.  I have fabric. I have a zipper.  I think I even have thread!  And I've added and changed some pieces. I'm sitting down today to sew up a simple sweater vest and maybe a new knit top.  And then I have some fabrics to rethink.  I'll post later with some updates!

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