Saturday, February 12, 2011


So I've decided to go with the Vogue pattern.  It's feminine and swirly, and I lost another 2lbs on weight watchers this week, and I'm feeling feminine, lol.

I went to Hancock's this morning to get the knit interfacing.  Their store drives me crazy.  The coupons are always hard to use and the store is always crammed with things that no one seems to ever touch.  But I digress.

My other issue this morning is serger needles.  I used to live around the corner from a Joann's that had a Husqvarna dealer in it.  I bought my sewing and serger there.  I used to buy my supplies there too, like needles.  Now that we're in TX, I notice the Joann stores don't have the dealers inside.  I have been to every Hancock and Joann's in a reasonable radius, and none of them carry serger needles.  How can this be?!  This morning, I was finally directed to a Sew and Vac shop around the corner (that I never noticed in the year I've lived here, oops) that might carry them.  They did, thank goodness.  But my point is, why would fabric stores, which carry sewing supplies, even sewing machines, not have serger needles?!  I don't usually mind ordering things online, but sometimes I need something in the moment if I run out.  Very frustrating...

My pattern is cut, now I need to cut fabric and interfacing.  I'm really excited about this dress!!


Mz.Choize said...

Glad you found them, where is sew and vac located? The big Joann in Clear Lake across from Baybrook mall has a Husqvarna dealer inside.

Loves2Sew said...

The Sew and Vac I found is on FM 1960 and Jones Rd., up in NW Houston. They were super friendly, and I found out they have a serger class on the 2nd Saturday of each month. I'm making plans to go to the one in March because I'd love to learn how to use all the feet that came with my serger!