Friday, January 14, 2011


Creativity is not my issue. Neither is lack of inspiration. As always, time is my enemy. Or more accurately, LACK of time is my nemesis.

I've decided to do some prioritizing with my sewing this year. I've seen other bloggers do story boards. They pull together man entire wardrobe with pieces that coordinate. I love the look of those but they always seem...overwhelming. Again, time is an issue for me. What I realized is that I need to concentrate on coordinating pieces and not so much foundation pieces. This means not worrying about the easy and fast t-shirts that are even faster to buy at the store (where I can get my preferred Pima cotton!). Or a white button down shirt. Even cardigans. These are staple pieces that I can easily purchase as needed.

Things that aren't so easy are pants. Or skirts. I'm tall. Not ginormously tall. But tall enough that the inseam on RTW is always wrong for me. As soon as I sit down I'm wearing high waters. And skirts (dresses too) are too short for my professional office environment. I think I'd like some layering pieces too.

So that's my goal for the rest of this month. To put together a story board of coordinating pieces that will mix and match with some basic pieces.

And I'm going to not even try to think about my upcoming vacation because I do NOT have time to sew up anything for it...really...I think.

More to come!