Saturday, May 22, 2010

Up Next...

Necessity sewing!!

My daughter is in the school orchestra.  As we just moved here in March, this is her first performance with her new orchestra group.  As such, we don't have the 'standard uniform' all the other students have:  white, long sleeved, button down shirt, with cuff and collar and black dress slacks (no denim, no knit, no jeans style).

Can I point out the obvious?  It's MAY.  And we're in TEXAS.  No reasonable store is going to have a long sleeved, white button down shirt this time of year.  We're about 90 degrees not including humidity.  So of course, I'm going to sew her up a blouse.  I found several excellent options in Ottobre for her.  I was going to do something with lots of small details that I love.  And then I realized there's a good chance that this blouse won't fit next fall, and she might only ever wear it once.  So I opted for a simpler shirt, basic, just as her director requested.  It's from the Spring 2000 issue, and the instructions are in Finish, but it's literally 4 pieces and very simple.  

The pants I'm sort of cheating on.  Here's the deal.  My daughter is 12, but is about the size of an 8 year old.  She's TINY.  Dress slacks in her size are either insanely expensive or so cheap and poor fit they aren't worth the money.  I have KS 3519 which is actually for capri and shorts.  I'm going to lengthen the capri's to become slacks.  KS patterns tend to fit her very well, and I can cut a size 6 and lengthen it accordingly.  I have some lovely black stretch cashmere twill (that's what the label at Joann's said - it's not actually cashmere, lol) that should be perfect.  So I have all weekend to get both pieces done because the recital is Tuesday!

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