Sunday, July 15, 2007

Third Times the Charm

Here's the shirt, one size down. Aside from lengthening it
(which I forgot to do) I think it looks pretty
good. Going down a size made a huge difference. I did stick with the addition of the 3/4" towards
the neckline, but I find that I'm a little on the narrow shouldered side (yes, I know it doesn't look it,
but really I am) so this might be a fit fix for me for a lot of things.

Previous reviews on this shirt noted that the empire waistline was in the wrong spot. I was prepared for this, but surprisingly, this wasn't an issue for me.

I wore the shirt to church today, with a aqua, broomstick style skirt. I really like the pair together. I was sewing up this third version last night, and this skirt suddenly flashed in my mind. Which is good, because I needed a reason to keep working on this pattern...I NEVER make muslin's, let alone make the same shirt three times when it didn't work the
first two times. But I'm happy I did!

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