Monday, July 31, 2006

Messenger Bag

The much anticipated messenger bag! Of course, I actually made it too small. I didn't look at the dimensions for the "shoulder bag" on Wild Ginger's 'Wild Things'. I've already printed a new pattern, with the measurements adjusted to fit notbooks and such. Also, I plan to modify the bag to be deeper, which will require modifying the flap front too. Nothing like a good challenge to kick off school clothes sewing!

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Now That's More Like It!

Yesterday and today, I've been a sewing fiend.

Perhaps writing about it was the muse that I needed to get off my butt and just do it. I don't know, but two projects in two days felt really good!

I started with a pattern for a shoulder bag from Wild Ginger's Wild Things (a free download of all kinds of fun accessory items, and a great introduction to their pattern drafting software...of which I own, of course) I found this darling fabric in the clearance section that I knew my daughter would flip over. I bought a yard of the fabric, a yard of lining fabric, and 1/2 yd of coordinating fabric. If I were to make the bag out of one fabric, I highly recommend 2 yards of the main fabric, and only 1/2 yard of the lining fabric. Photo's will have to wait until tomorrow, but the bag was a huge success, and she's mad about it. I had originally intended for her to use it as a messenger type bag for school, but I didn't pay attention to the sizing, and realized when it was all done, that it was too small. She's using it for her drawing materials, and I printed up a new pattern today, with a change to the sizing, that I think will work well. I also left off the back part of the should strap entirely, since this bag was meant for adult sizing. It doesn't lay quite right, and I will make sure to add just a small piece for the next bag, which I believe will alleviate the problem. I'll post as soon as the next one is done.

My second sewing project was a much neglected summer top. I bought the fabric in the spring, bought the pattern as soon as it came out. Cut it out. And there it has sat. least 4 months would be my guess. The pattern is New Look 6466 First, this is a really good pattern. It's figure flattering to those of us with less than perfect tummy's, and it sews up easily. The one error I did, was my own fault. I chose view C. At the very end, I realized I had left off the belt. I definately plan to make more of these, and will correct that. That aside, the only part of the pattern I did not like, was the finishing on the inside. The bodice is lined, and I chose to line with the same fabric. The instructions call for you to baste and then press the raw edges up. I would have prefered the lining to cover the raw edges, and will do so on the next shirt.

Up tomorrow is also a New Look pattern, 6582. Again, this pattern is cut and ready to be put together, and my daughter would like for it to be her back to school dress, so I'd like this done!

Perhaps I'll get really ambitious, and print my list of pattern plans tomorrow....

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Sewing Drought

In December, we got news that our house was going to be sold, and we would have to move. Great. Just what everyone wants to hear two weeks before Christmas. Is it any surprise that I ended up with a raging kidney infection that knocked me out (literally, I was in bed) for two weeks?? Then the stress of looking for a new place, packing, moving, and setting up.

So here it is, months later, and 2 Sew or Not 2 Sew is really the question.

I have managed to make valances for my kitchen (no small task, since I usually only sew curtains when I am pregnant - and I definately not pregnant, than you very much, as well as balloon shade for my daughters room. I have two projects still in the working stage (the last top posted, and a summer top) that I desperately would like to finish. We shall see, sigh.

Tomorrow, since one of my sons' is down with the flu, perhaps I will get some sewing time. I'd really like to finish that blouse I started last fall, for this fall, sigh...

Course, let's hope my new copy of Sims2 doesn't arrive before I finish!