Friday, November 04, 2005

New Look 6317, Shirt

I like all the pieces in this pattern set. The shirt, the skirt, the jacket. They are all just "me". So I started with the shirt. I have, what I thought, was this yummy paisley fabric from Joanne's. Yep, about three years old (ahem, I think I bought way too much fabric three years ago!!!).

First and foremost, let me state I like this pattern. The pattern was simple, should have been fast, and the fit seemed pretty accurate to the sizing chart listed. I didn't even add length, as I wanted it to hit at the skirt, as the photo shows.

All that being said, I'm not overly fond of this shirt. This fabric was a BEAR to work with. It's a polyester, which I knew going it, but I had no idea it would eat through needles the way it did. I even resorted to my microsharp needles, and while those were better, did not stop it from skipping in large sections. I did not even attempt to top stitch around the mock turtle neck, because I know it would have come out bad. It looks nice on, but if you look at the inside stitching, you would swear my daughter sewed this, it's sloppy looking. However, none of that shows when I wear it, and I've determined that that's the important part here. This fabric still goes perfectly with the olive stretch twill I plan to make this skirt in, so this shirt stays.

And to make sure it was the fabric, and not something wrong with my machine, I made my son a pair of pajamas afterwards, and they stitched out beautifully. I'll have to see if I can find some tips about working with this type of fabric if I choose something like it again.

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