Thursday, November 10, 2005

KS 3036

I've had this pattern sitting in my stash for quite awhile. I loved the look of the cowl neck on view C, as well as the scoop neck on view B. But, I don't get to sew a lot for *me*, so this pattern has sat.

Tonight I was looking through a box of stash, and I came across a beautiful dark red velour (almost a deep rose) that I had used to make a dress several years ago, that had about 2 yards left. View C, with the cowl, requires 2 1/8 yard, so my cowl isn't quite as full, but I really like this pattern!!! This was SO easy to sew up. Three pieces to trace, 10 minutes to cut, and the shirt was done in under an hour. I have a pink interlock that I definitely plan to try view B with.

Another thing I did different: the hem on this has a 1 1/4 hem allowance. I normally add 2" to all KS patterns, because I am tall. Since I had the cowl, I did not have enough fabric to add 2", so I did a 1/2" hem, and it worked great for me. I did a size LG, and it fits PERFECT (meaning if I gain 1lb., I'm in trouble....but it looks so nice right now!) I may make this in an XL on the next go around, but we'll see.

I can't wait to wear this top!

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