Monday, October 24, 2005

A School Outfit

My DD took on a real sudden growth spurt at the end of the summer. Consequently, all the clothes I had planned on having her transfer into when the weather cooled down are now too small (of course). Normally when this happens, her pants still fit, and I become a fiend sewing up tops. Well, surprise! She outgrew the tops AND the bottoms. And so my next sewing crisis began.

This shirt is another Ottobre pattern (I did mention earlier that I love these patterns) The photo doesn't show the beautiful curve on the facing, but it just makes this shirt. There are also elasticized gathers at the wrist. I used a collar stand for the first time, and that turned out well too.

The pants are a Simplicity pattern, and unfortunately, I have no idea which one. I made these last year, and even though I chose a size based on her measurements, it didn't even begin to fit. So I packed them away, and they are going to work nicely for this year. I didn't intend for them to coordinate with the shirt, it just sort of ended up that way. There is a 4 inch split at the bottom front of the pants, and I embroidered on the one panel. It looks OK, but next time, I will embroider more, and further up. This just ends up looking a little lonely.

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