Monday, October 24, 2005

Back To School Shirt

My oldest son has been watching me sew, probably from the time he was born. Periodically, I made things for him, but boy clothes are just not as fun as girl clothes!

Well, he started kindergarten this year, and asked when he could expect his "mommy shirt" to be ready. Oops! I'd been planning on just buying him something. This is Ottobre 2/2005, and he just loved it. I used a small blue, green, and yellow plaid. This pattern had a lot of nice details (pleated pockets, the epaulets, pockets) that he really liked.

Of course, now that it's getting cold, he's been asking when his next long sleeved "mommy shirt" will be hanging in his closet (no no, I haven't created monsters...) But I think, with costumes needed for Harvest Fest, I should be least for a little while!

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